What does IP value mean?

The IP (Ingress Protection) value indicates the level of protection that a light fixture or luminaire provides against the intrusion of solids, like dust particles and liquids (water, moisture). 

The IP Value for lighting fixtures is typically expressed as IPXX, where the first X Represents the protection against solids and the second X represents the protection against liquids.

Below, you will find the most common IP values and their protective assets.


IP20 Dustproof
IP21 Drip-proof
IP23 Rainwater resistant
IP44 Splashwater proof (used for lightings around a bathtub or shower cabin)
IP54 Splashwater / dustproof
IP65 Spraywater resistant
IP67 Dustproof / submerged for 30 minutes (Used in a bath or shower)
IP68 Dust proof / waterproof (can be submerged)