What is Kelvin?

Kelvin is a measurement unit used to measure the color temperature of light.


What are the attainable examples of these color temperatures? At a higher temperature, the color is expressed as light (cool) blue. With a lower temperature, the color is expressed as a (warmer) yellow-red color.

Below, you will find certain examples:


Candle light 1200K
Sunrise (Morning) 2000K
Sunrise (High noon) 3500K
Daylight 5000K
Afternoon sun 5700K
Neutral white light 6500K


The color temperature has a great impact on the overall atmosphere of a room. Warmer/darker light for instance will have a calming effect on the brain, while a blue/sharper light enhances your concentration.


Below you can find additional examples:

Flame 2200K
Extra warm white 2100-2500K
Warm white 2500-3000K
Cool white 4000K
Daylight 6500K