Frequently asked questions

How do I switch from a regular light tube to a LED light tube?

With a LED fluorescent tube, compared to a regular fluorescent tube, you save up to about 70% in energy costs. What things should you pay attention to when replacing your fluorescent tube for LED?

* First check the length of your current fluorescent tube and make sure your new LED fluorescent tube is the same length.
* Next, check whether your current fluorescent fixture has a starter or no starter.

* Does it have a starter? Then it is a conventional fixture. You can remove and replace the ''old'' fluorescent tube and starter. TL tube and starter and replace it with the LED fluorescent tube and supplied ''dummy'' starter.

* No starter? Then this is a high-frequency fixture. To use a LED fluorescent tube in this fixture you need to remove the ballast completely and connect the wiring to one side of the fixture. When this is done you can place the new LED fluorescent tube in the existing fixture.

For this, also read the blog on our website in the link below:

Make sure that in all cases the LED fluorescent tube is installed correctly in the fixture. An LED fluorescent tube can only be powered on one side. This is also indicated on the LED fluorescent tube. (DO NOT POWER THIS END or NO INPUT)