Frequently asked questions

My dimmable lights flicker when using a LED dimmer

It can occur that lights start the flicker when you connect them to a dimmer. 

This is not supposed to happen, and it is in your interest that this issue is solved.

Possible causes could be:

- The lamp you are using on your dimmer is not dimmable

- An incorrect dimmer is being used

- The light bulb is not compatible with the dimmer in terms of power
- The dimmer has incorrectly installed


Be advised of the minimal capacity: Count the total amount of wattage from your LED lights, for instance; 4 lamps that are 4W each = a total of 16W. The minimal capabality of your dimmer should in that case be below 16W.

Several LED lights connected to 1 dimmer:

Ideally, your lamps are 10% lower than the maximum capability of your LED dimmer.

This is in order to avoid the risk of overcharging during the fluctuation of the current.

For instance, a LED dimmer of 2-100W and a LED lamp of 4W. In this case, 23 LED lights in total can be connected.