Frequently asked questions

What to do if an afterglow occurs in my lights?

First, verify that the LED bulbs are properly connected to the dimmer. If not, connect the dimmer correctly. Check that the dimmer is set correctly. If you are using a dimmer that works on both phase on and phase off, the dimmer must be set to one of these two methods. The method that needs to be set depends on whether the lamp operates on the basis of phase-cut or phase broach. When the dimmer is set correctly and the lamps stay on softly, a dimmer stabilizer can take care of removing the remaining energy that causes the lamps to stay on softly. This stops the energy from flowing through the circuit so that the lamps do not continue to slightly glow. Place a dimming stabilizer between the switch wire and the neutral wire at the lamp by inserting one end of the dimming stabilizer into the terminal block near the neutral wire and the other end of the ground load into the terminal block near the switch wire.