Order status

I can't place an order / I have trouble with my payment

When you are unable to place an order, it could be that your cookies are preventing you from doing so.
In that case, we advise you to delete your web browser cookies and try again.

There is also a possibility that your payment information has not been entered correctly, we advise you to check on these as they may have been entered automatically.

Are you having issues with your payment?

Try to click the confirm button on every page during the ordering process, and be sure to do the same when selecting your preferred payment method.

It may occur that your order appears to be placed as the order information was sent to our system, but the payment was not provided correctly. In that case, your order will remain 'pending' and will not be processed. When this happens, our support team must be contacted in order to resolve this.

When this is the case, our agents will be able to provide you with a separate payment link which will then complete your order.

To contact our support team, please use the customer support option on our homepage.